Some major life changes

Hey all, so if you haven’t seen it on my social yet, I lost my job as Capitol Hill Seattle Blog’s reporter. This means I’m out on money around the holidays while paying Seattle rent. It’s also a testament to the state of community journalism. I severely need your support to keep doing what IContinue reading “Some major life changes”

Every journalist should read this

We hosted an immigration panel on last week featuring professionals working to protect the rights of (un)documented immigrants. Together, we broke down what journalists can improve on when it comes to marginalized voices. … [The Northwest Immigrants Rights Project has a hotline specifically for potential sightings of ICE. This group then sends people to checkContinue reading “Every journalist should read this”

Recap of Q&A with Derek Wing

In a changing media landscape, Derek Wing showed us that newsroom representation and diversity is more important than ever, especially in broadcast. Wing shared experiences from his time as a young journalist reporting in Baghdad, to hosting his own show, and making the transition into Public Relations when he decided to start a family. HeContinue reading “Recap of Q&A with Derek Wing”

Recap of Q&A with Kate Schimel — SPJ UW student chapter

Kate Schimel is 26 years old, which came as a surprise to many people. It’s not often that college students hear from fellow 20-somethings about how to handle their career prospects, so this Q&A was a pleasant change of pace. High Country News, as Kate explained and as one could gather by reading their content, […]Continue reading “Recap of Q&A with Kate Schimel — SPJ UW student chapter”

Treat ISIS, the KKK, Boko Haram the same

Ali Taj says in order to really address terrorism in the largest scope we can, everyone everywhere should treat all hateful ideologies the same. Fundamentally, every group that kills in the name of religion functions the same no matter what religion it exploits or from which region it’s based.

Journalist, author, television host Touré talks microaggressions

Self-love, confidence, and preservation: These were the main points of author and television host Touré’s discussion in Kane Hall on Tuesday, a forum put on by the graduate school and the UW Alumni Association. These are solutions to microaggressions, “parts of a shield,” he called them. Via The Daily

Board of regents decide the president’s salary and buy KPLU

Of the many things on the board of regents’ two-hour long agenda Thursday evening, two of them involved large sums of money. One of these was the UW president Ana Mari Cauce’s salary for the next five years. She will earn $910,000 a year. Broken down, $12,000 of that is her yearly automobile allowance, $697,500Continue reading “Board of regents decide the president’s salary and buy KPLU”