Freelancers Aren’t Free policy

The excerpts I wrote for mayoral candidate Andrew Grant Houston’s freelancers rights policy: Freelancers aren’t free When it comes to steady work expectations, let’s just say that independent contractors, also known as freelancers, don’t really have that. “Freelancers” is a wide-ranging term, from full-time freelancing through website design or journalists to part-time work like dog-walking,Continue reading “Freelancers Aren’t Free policy”

Medical staff upset with the UW contract proposals

The UW has been negotiating its contract with three medical centers — Harborview Medical Center, Valley Medical Center, and Northwest Hospital & Medical Center — since its first proposal in April. Medical staff in each hospital, however, see real on-the-ground issues within, and missing from, the contract. “We’re always struggling to find staff to takeContinue reading “Medical staff upset with the UW contract proposals”

Custodians highlight inefficiencies in staff during Gov. Inslee forum

KCTS 9, a public television station in Seattle, hosted its first out-of-studio broadcast Tuesday night in Kane Hall for Gov. Jay Inslee. Enrique Cerna, KCTS 9’s host, read various questions for the governor, from pre-selected videos, the #AskTheGov Twitter hashtag, and audience members.  Paula Lukaszek, a UW plumber, came to the Q&A hoping to askContinue reading “Custodians highlight inefficiencies in staff during Gov. Inslee forum”

Sexual harassment happens everywhere, even at work

Every summer I go back home and work as a waitress at a restaurant. At the restaurant I started working for last summer, we’d get a good handful of regulars. Among them were two older, rich men, who I presume were in their late 60s to early 70s. They were friends, always dining together atContinue reading “Sexual harassment happens everywhere, even at work”