Despite activist wins, 12th Ave youth jail construction is full speed ahead

After a legal victory by activist group Ending the Prison Industrial Complex against the funding calculation of King County’s Children and Family Justice Center, construction at the 12th Ave project is still fully underway. “There’s what we think should be happening and then there’s what appears to be happening and they’re not the same,” said EPIC’s attorney Knoll Lowney.

District 3’s Sawant fighting defamation suit from officers who shot Che Taylor

Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant faces a defamation lawsuit from the Seattle Police Department officers who shot Che Taylor last year. Sawant filed for a motion to dismiss last week. The officers, Scott Miller and Michael Spaulding, claim she used the fatal shooting while naming the officers to further her own administrative agenda and political platform.

UW student settles for $100,000 with SPD

In 2012, UW student David Pontecorvo was capturing video on his cellphone as Seattle Police Department (SPD) officers arrived for a noise complaint. During their dispatch, the officers decided to beat the then-19-year-old Pontecorvo with batons, flashlights, and fists. In October, his case settled in court for $100,000. Pontecorvo’s litigation filed against SPD, the CityContinue reading “UW student settles for $100,000 with SPD”