South End Musician Echoes Life’s Uncertainty in Newest Album

Five records and countless shows in, South End musician Noah Gundersen hit a roadblock: He no longer loved what he created. The very things Gundersen used to define himself growing up felt foreign. So he did what any songwriter would do: he played it out, creating his newest album “White Noise” via South Seattle Emerald

Sunday Stew: Stars Removed From the Sky, And Placed In Buildings

Hot pink hair on an underground train. A homeless girl in the street rain. Somewhere a couple moans together, through walls that should’ve been insulated better. Drunken friends stumble outside to see where their next Uber will be. A family tries to go to sleep while others are at work, beat. The night is endless,Continue reading “Sunday Stew: Stars Removed From the Sky, And Placed In Buildings”

The work behind Hansee’s haunted house

There are red leaves on the ground and pumpkins everywhere. You know what time of year it is: Halloween. For all college students unable to indulge in their favorite old TV-movies like “Hocus Pocus,” “Beetlejuice,” and “Scary Godmother,” they can at least indulge in this year’s Hansee haunted house. Hansee, the oldest dorm on campus,Continue reading “The work behind Hansee’s haunted house”

Close-up: Real issues to be recognized in the music industry

After a week full of media screen-shotting tweets between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, there’s more to take away than a sensationalized “war” between the two. Minaj has had a reputation for addressing societal issues, especially ones that directly affect her person, her identity, and her culture. Aside from media and social networks, these typesContinue reading “Close-up: Real issues to be recognized in the music industry”

Diversity Week presents ‘Queering Justice’

People with name tags, hand stamps, and plenty of food chattered at the ends of the UW School of Law’s hallways Friday afternoon. They came for one thing: “Queering Justice.” “For me, it’s really heart-warming to see that we had 100 people register ahead of time,” said Erika Bleyl, a first-year law student. “The turnout wasContinue reading “Diversity Week presents ‘Queering Justice’”

UW Mindfulness Project encourages students to ‘connect and reflect’

When asking Bryan Swaffield, vice president of marketing and outreach at the UW Mindfulness Project, to define mindfulness, he resorted to a single, summarized quote that is familiar amongst mindfulness participants. His answer? “Mindfulness is paying attention, in the present, on purpose, and without judgment.” With this answer in mind, a group of UW studentsContinue reading “UW Mindfulness Project encourages students to ‘connect and reflect’”

Exhibit preview: Kirsten Gallery: Byron Birdsall’s ‘Life is Now, Art is Forever,’ Diana Friend’s ‘Pacific Turnings’

Paintings of the outdoors cover Kirsten Gallery’s walls. The gallery is additionally laden with intricate wooden bowls and carvings. Though these works were created by two different artists, they undoubtedly belong together, uniting tangible pieces of wood with intangible depictions of the environment. Via The Daily