• Queer/Bar tries to preserve what’s left of LGBTQIA+ Capitol Hill nightlife

    Plastered in a white, clear, modern font on Pike/Pine glows the generationally controversial word “Queer,” accompanied by “Bar.” It’s intentional. This sleek new space is reserved for the Capitol Hill creators, the spectrum of anything out of the gender dichotomy, the queer.  No straights allowed if they’re not allies — despite the clear sign, one only hopes […]

  • UW researchers spearhead landmark study on the elder LGBT community

    The first-ever LGBT longitudinal study, Aging with Pride, has been launched thanks to UW researchers. The data-gathering — which only allows for identifications of lesbian, gay, bi, or trans — is ongoing, and allows for multiple sub-studies on an under-studied, older LGBT population. On top of that, it collaborates with 17 community agencies in every U.S. census division. […]

  • Trans Day of Remembrance

    The air became heavy, eyes began to water, and throats burned while promises of “we will remember” filled City Hall on Sunday night for every transgender person who died at the hands of hate. “So often in death, we remember the trans people that died, but not what sustained them,” said UW student Yani Robinson […]

  • Translations puts the global transgender experience on the big screen

    Every once in a while, you come across a life-changing movie. Mix that with an entire community coming together for it, and you have the Translations Film Festival — emphasis on the “Trans.” The festival provides a gathering place to watch films by, for, and about transgender people and the issues and discrimination they face in their […]

  • Qolors’ ‘Art for the Heart’ discusses identity and intersectionality

    When people discuss identity, it is typically discussed within one category or frame but in reality, such defined categories aren’t all-inclusive. Sometimes, a person’s identity exists at the intersections of multiple categories. Qolors, an annual community-building reception, had its 10-year anniversary Thursday in the Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center’s Unity Room, celebrating queer and […]