Seattle Womxn’s March 2.0 Attracts Thousands

Saturday marked the one- year anniversary of Donald Trump’s presidency and welcomed the anticipated follow up to one of the largest demonstrations in the history of the United States. Joining sister marches spanning cities across the country, Seattle’s Womxn’s March 2.0 served as a reminder that many of the thousands who poured into the streets lastContinue reading “Seattle Womxn’s March 2.0 Attracts Thousands”

Shaping Capitol Hill Housing’s affordable LGBTQ-focused senior housing project

Capitol Hill Housing hosted its first public discussion Tuesday night with the community it will house in preparation for shaping what it hopes will be the nation’s first LGBTQIA+-focused affordable senior housing at 14th and Union. It just might take a little longer to come up with the money to pay for it. Via Capitol Hill Seattle Blog

A blast from the past: Q Patrol resurfaces on Capitol Hill

Long ago, a group roamed Capitol Hill’s streets at night to protect their community alongside police. Now, a new Q Patrol takes shape, readying its members to de-escalate and assist those facing discrimination, violence, and hate crimes — without the Seattle Police Department. “A core focus is empowering other queers and other marginalized groups ofContinue reading “A blast from the past: Q Patrol resurfaces on Capitol Hill”

Capitol Hill Housing project at 14th and Union will create affordable LGBTQ-focused senior housing

True affordability means keeping rents in the city down for everybody. An effort to help Capitol Hill Housing shape “Seattle’s first LGBTQ-affirming affordable senior housing development” at 14th and Union will take another step forward next week with a Community Visioning Workshop. “We’ve heard consistently from the community about the need for a place where LGBTQ elders in theContinue reading “Capitol Hill Housing project at 14th and Union will create affordable LGBTQ-focused senior housing”

Queer/Bar tries to preserve what’s left of LGBTQIA+ Capitol Hill nightlife

Plastered in a white, clear, modern font on Pike/Pine glows the generationally controversial word “Queer,” accompanied by “Bar.” It’s intentional. This sleek new space is reserved for the Capitol Hill creators, the spectrum of anything out of the gender dichotomy, the queer.  No straights allowed if they’re not allies — despite the clear sign, one only hopesContinue reading “Queer/Bar tries to preserve what’s left of LGBTQIA+ Capitol Hill nightlife”

UW researchers spearhead landmark study on the elder LGBT community

The first-ever LGBT longitudinal study, Aging with Pride, has been launched thanks to UW researchers. The data-gathering — which only allows for identifications of lesbian, gay, bi, or trans — is ongoing, and allows for multiple sub-studies on an under-studied, older LGBT population. On top of that, it collaborates with 17 community agencies in every U.S. census division.Continue reading “UW researchers spearhead landmark study on the elder LGBT community”

Trans Day of Remembrance

The air became heavy, eyes began to water, and throats burned while promises of “we will remember” filled City Hall on Sunday night for every transgender person who died at the hands of hate. “So often in death, we remember the trans people that died, but not what sustained them,” said UW student Yani RobinsonContinue reading “Trans Day of Remembrance”

Before Trans Pride Begins, Trans Victim Speaks Out

A transitioning person was walking back to their car around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday when they were attacked by a man who began the assault by saying “happy pride.” The victim was Michael Volz, who had just left a fundraiser event at Capitol Hill’s Neumos meant to support the mass hate crime shooting […] via Before TransContinue reading “Before Trans Pride Begins, Trans Victim Speaks Out”