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  • Seattle Is Not for Sale event graphics

    Seattle Is Not for Sale event graphics

    After being asked by some allies to produce some social media graphics for an upcoming joint event, I came up with the following:

  • More 43rd Graphics and Posts

    More 43rd Graphics and Posts

    Step up in The 43rd! There’s two Executive Board openings that our PCOs elect in our January meeting. There was some bittersweet updates in December. But together we reflected on the past legislative session and planned for the next. And we gained some PAC founders to help the candidates we endorsed. And, as is standard,…

  • PAC Postcards I designed

    PAC Postcards I designed

    With the edits and feedback of our fellow elected 43rd District Executive Board, I designed and finalized the postcards of our endorsed candidates that we printed and will send to 43rd District voters. Together, we made sure the format was correct to local filing, finance, and postage laws, while I helped direct our Elections Committee…

  • 43rd No-Meeting email

    43rd No-Meeting email

    Email Preview: But there’s always more you can do! Against CA 29 We passed a resolution against Charter Amendment 29 in agreement with House Our Neighbors, but they need your help spreading the word! Volunteer ASAP: HouseOurNeighbors.NationBuilder.com

  • Event GIF

    Event GIF

    The 43rd District Democrats’ meeting is in a week! We’ll take votes on a couple new positions, House Our Neighbors, Whole Washington, #PayUp for gig workers’ rights, Seattle for Everyone, and will update bylaws and budgets for a PAC! Will you join us?

  • 43rd Primary Endorsements!

    43rd Primary Endorsements!

    AKA more graphics! And updating the website.

  • Town Hall graphic and event pages

    Town Hall graphic and event pages

    Join the 43rd District Democrats for a discussion with Compassion Seattle and House our Neighbors about homelessness and the proposed Seattle charter amendment (Measure 29). All Seattle residents are invited to attend. The 43rd District Democrats’ Policy Committee will host this discussion.

  • Graphics for 43rd District Democrats

    Graphics for 43rd District Democrats

    In my time with the 43rd District Democrats as Communications Chair, I ultimately craft many of our email sends, our event pages, update our webpage for accuracy & aesthetics, and make all our press releases, graphics, blog posts, and social media posts. You can check out my graphics below:

  • Farms & Forests newsletter logo

    Farms & Forests newsletter logo

    Property of Sightline Institute

  • Stop Gerrymandering

    Stop Gerrymandering

    Designed for primarily social media and minor website use