Oregon’s Clean Energy Jobs Bill

I produced these graphics for Sightline researcher Kristin Eberhard, who compiled the data. The goal was to make easily digestible graphics people can use and reference on other platforms as they see fit (provided they maintain attribution and don’t alter the content of the graphics themselves). The layout isn’t quite exactly as perfect as I’dContinue reading “Oregon’s Clean Energy Jobs Bill”

Three Steps to Talk Climate Graphic

Sightline produces “flashcards” in an effort to generate shareable and easily-digestible talking points for strategic messaging. I now collaborate with the strategic messaging team to create all of the flashcards from scratch using my skills in Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop.

Proportional Representation Graphics

Here I took on a similar technique to what I did for my Seattle Neighbors graphics, except this batch took much more effort in the Photoshop Department. They may not look it, but entire backgrounds are added, layers of pre-existing table overlaid to look larger than it was and a wall blended in with appropriateContinue reading “Proportional Representation Graphics”

Adrian Laster and Matt Hannah

These photos are for two separate shoots of the people I talked to both times (and every time still) I go to Othello Village, Seattle. One piece already published with South Seattle Emerald uses a handful of these photos, and another will in the near future. Matt’s shoot: June 27, 2017 Adrian’s shoot: July 8,Continue reading “Adrian Laster and Matt Hannah”