Interactive graphic

I created this graphic on Washington’s use of federal funds with the help of an amazing digital reporter, Justin Mayo, from The Seattle Times. You can see every departmental branch that has received federal funds within the state of Washington, and their subcategories, since 2003. As you might notice, our healthcare system receives the most.Continue reading “Interactive graphic”

DoNormaal, Seattle hip-hop artist

This entire video was produced and edited by me, but I did have some help from Charles Johnson, who graciously accepted being a second cameraman. Suggestions from my editors, Stacey Jenkins and Jen Germain, also helped as well. The video was accompanied by an article I wrote: Christianne (Christy) Karefa-Johnson adds a distinct sparkle to the EmeraldContinue reading “DoNormaal, Seattle hip-hop artist”

Treat ISIS, the KKK, Boko Haram the same

Ali Taj says in order to really address terrorism in the largest scope we can, everyone everywhere should treat all hateful ideologies the same. Fundamentally, every group that kills in the name of religion functions the same no matter what religion it exploits or from which region it’s based.

Getting into podcast!

This is the first podcast I’ve ever really compiled. ‘First dates’ is a short three minute piece that juxtaposes two pretty alternate experiences gathered while doing voxpop-style interviews. (This is where you ask the same, one question to multiple people, and compile their responses together in one piece.) Putting this together was actually a lotContinue reading “Getting into podcast!”