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  • One Young South End Musician out to Change The Game: Theomatic

    Like a dream, Theomatic’s music tends to be soft and intricate. It typically induces a state of relaxation and transports you to your own headspace, provoking thoughts or simply letting them wander. via South Seattle Emerald

  • South End Musician Echoes Life’s Uncertainty in Newest Album

    Five records and countless shows in, South End musician Noah Gundersen hit a roadblock: He no longer loved what he created. The very things Gundersen used to define himself growing up felt foreign. So he did what any songwriter would do: he played it out, creating his newest album “White Noise” via South Seattle Emerald

  • After Seattle Educators Focus School Day Around Black Lives Matter Movement, Community Rallies to Show Support

    Wednesday night, Washington Hall was bursting with sound: a constant buzz of chatter, throb of laughter, and beat of music. A rally was happening, following the full work day of educators across Seattle who chose to redirect curriculum, hold discussions, and wear t-shirts for Black Lives Matter. via After Seattle Educators Focus School Day Around Black…

  • DoNormaal recreates the underground Seattle music scene

    Christianne (Christy) Karefa-Johnson is adding a distinct sparkle to the Emerald City’s music scene as DoNormaal. Christy’s journey began long before her rise in Seattle. While her first release was fairly recent — an EP in June of 2014 — her passion for the arts are firmly rooted in the poetry she wrote as a…

  • Video: DoNormaal, Seattle hip-hop artist

    Video: DoNormaal, Seattle hip-hop artist

    This entire video was produced and edited by me, but I did have some help from Charles Johnson, who graciously accepted being a second cameraman. Suggestions from my editors, Stacey Jenkins and Jen Germain, also helped as well! The video was accompanied by an article I wrote: Christianne (Christy) Karefa-Johnson adds a distinct sparkle to the Emerald…

  • Close-up: Real issues to be recognized in the music industry

    After a week full of media screen-shotting tweets between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, there’s more to take away than a sensationalized “war” between the two. Minaj has had a reputation for addressing societal issues, especially ones that directly affect her person, her identity, and her culture. Aside from media and social networks, these types…