Seattle Could be First in the Nation to Stop Rental Criminal History Discrimination

Update [8/14/2017, 5:40 p.m.]: Since this article was first published, the Seattle City Council officially passed the Fair Chance Housing Legislation on Monday afternoon, keeping the amendments.  As it stands, one slice of the criminalization and homelessness cycle could shatter thanks to a Seattle City Council vote set for next week. Seattle would make history, becomingContinue reading “Seattle Could be First in the Nation to Stop Rental Criminal History Discrimination”

Adrian Laster and Matt Hannah

These photos are for two separate shoots of the people I talked to both times (and every time still) I go to Othello Village, Seattle. One piece already published with South Seattle Emerald uses a handful of these photos, and another will in the near future. Matt’s shoot: June 27, 2017 Adrian’s shoot: July 8,Continue reading “Adrian Laster and Matt Hannah”

Mercy Housing’s New Transit-Oriented Complex Already At Capacity

Near the Link light rail’s Othello Station, a passerby can easily spot a new red and grey apartment building called Othello Plaza, seemingly compatible with the other developments directly surrounding it. However, Othello Plaza is considered affordable, received over 2,000 applications and only accepted approximately 100. Othello Plaza is now full, containing 53 two-bedrooms andContinue reading “Mercy Housing’s New Transit-Oriented Complex Already At Capacity”

Othello Village Residents Concerned With Seattle’s Shift Away From Transitional Housing

Walk in to the South End’s Othello Village, and you’ll find tiny homes with charming scarecrows perched in little gardens, children, and an open building with a cardboard plaque labeled “security office.” … However, Hannah contended the Othello encampment has far more families than any other place he’s lived, which might explain the stringent rules. Othello’sContinue reading “Othello Village Residents Concerned With Seattle’s Shift Away From Transitional Housing”

Memorializing Ronacin Tjhung: How systematic transportation issues can lead to tragedy

A crowd of somber faces collected at the corner of Othello Station Saturday evening in memory of Ronacin Tjhung, a Filipino man struck by a car while riding his bike on Graham Street to his second job. via South Seattle Emerald

Support for Homeless Encampment Growing in Othello Neighborhood

by Kelsey Hamlin Othello Village is situated on Martin Luther King Jr. Way, a main stretch in South Seattle, sitting behind a mini mart and across from an expansive residential neighborhood. It’s the very definition of a juxtaposition. via South Seattle Emerald While Ronda Althaus took care of her kids Monday in the encampment, aContinue reading “Support for Homeless Encampment Growing in Othello Neighborhood”

Homelessness: A Reality Somehow Dismissed

Preface: Before I begin this piece, it should be noted that the faces of homelessness are many, and remarkably different. They can range from five months old to 80 years old; they can be completely sober or battling addiction; they can be escaping abuse or unable to pay rent. The ways in which a personContinue reading “Homelessness: A Reality Somehow Dismissed”