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  • The Community Whip Count

    The Community Whip Count

    Really really proud to have helped create and continue working on this amazing tool with David Coven! If you know me, you know how much I care about making things more simple for people to engage, and about naming names when it comes to the decisions of those in power. This Community Whip Count does […]

  • “Ghost-writing” for The Campaign

    “Ghost-writing” for The Campaign

    AKA when you write a piece for someone else (where the byline will be theirs) as a part of your work Why I’m The Best Candidate for South Seattle: Andrew Grant Houston My name is Andrew Grant Houston, and I am the best candidate for South Seattle because I will take action. I’m not a […]

  • King County Transportation Benefit Districts Testimony

    King County Transportation Benefit Districts Testimony

    My testimony spoken to the King County Council’s Mobility & Environment Committee in February 2020 on behalf of the Sierra Club Washington State Chapter: “Hello, my name is Kelsey Hamlin. I’m here today representing Sierra Club Washington to talk about the Transportation Benefit Districts with you all as you start that conversation. I was actually […]

  • After Tommy Le shooting, King County sheriff introduces new, less lethal weapons and policies

    It’s been almost a year since Tommy Le was fatally shot by two members of the King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO), and the KCSO falsely told the media and Le’s family that he held a knife during the confrontation. It’s been not much more than 100 days since the KCSO had a change in staff. […]

  • In Seattle, domestic workers don’t have the same protections as others—but that could change

    In Seattle, domestic workers don’t have the same protections as others—but that could change

    Domestic workers, some members of Working Washington, SEIU 775, or Casa Latina, set up tiny house displays outside City Hall made from gloves and diapers. Photo by Kelsey Hamlin In a study of 174 Seattle-area caretakers, house cleaners, and gardeners, local labor rights organization Working Washington found that local domestic workers are presented with similar struggles to […]

  • One Year After First Proposal, Micro Business Owners Weigh Impact of Sugar Tax

    South End and Central District community members and small business owners gathered Monday to discuss their personal experiences with Seattle’s so-called “soda tax.” The soda tax, also commonly known as the sugar tax, was originally brought forward by Seattle’s previous Mayor Ed Murray. The tax originated in part out of a response to America’s “obesity […]

  • King County Ensures Legal Representation During Inquest Process

    The King County Council unanimously passed a proposal Monday ensuring public defenders are made available to the families of people killed in officer-involved shootings during the inquest process. via South Seattle Emerald

  • Racial disparities, poverty the focus of state budget and policy summit

    At a $70-per-ticket summit on December 7, attendees discussed Washington state’s budget and how to change it to benefit marginalized people and close wealth gaps. “When progressives get together we usually agree with one another and vent about Trump and whatever,” said Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib, a featured speaker at the Washington State Budget & […]

  • Seattle’s Net Neutrality Protest Visits Three Internet Conglomerates

    Shivering in the cold as the sun set, breath visible as bright cameras flashed, a crowd of approximately 20 people gained momentum as they grew to about 70 in front of Seattle’s downtown Verizon store Thursday night. via South Seattle Emerald

  • Families of those shot by police speak out for I-940

    Supporters hope Initiative 940 will change Washington state policy so fatal police shootings happen less often and so there’s more accountability when they occur. Gathering on a few Seattle City Hall steps Friday, a crowd representing 33 different families impacted by police killings gathered in support of I-940 in the hopes of preventing future deaths. The Puget Sound […]