#NoNewYouthJail Movement Scores Legal Victory in Court of Appeals

Photo by DJ Martinez The Court of Appeals handed prison abolitionist groups Ending the Prison Industrial Complex (EPIC) and #NoNewYouthJail (NNYJ) a substantial and calculated victory Tuesday morning that could potentially close the money spigot for the youth dentition center they’ve been opposing. via South Seattle Emerald

#NoNewYouthJail Movement Says Flawed Appeals Process Aided Juvy’s Construction

Over the summer, Seattle’s #NoNewYouthJail movement’s future steps seemed unclear. After more than five years of protests, demonstrations, teach-ins and community outreach, it appeared the “youth jail” people had been fighting vehemently against would soon be constructed on 12th and Alder in the Squire Park neighborhood. However, a hearing Tuesday evening showed the fight against KingContinue reading “#NoNewYouthJail Movement Says Flawed Appeals Process Aided Juvy’s Construction”

“The New Jim Crow” taken to the health sciences sector

The Health Sciences Service Learning and Advocacy group held their fifth annual common book read Tuesday for health science students.  This year’s Health Sciences Common Book (“The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander) centers on the prison industrial complex and what she coins “The New Jim Crow” — the modern political, structural, and systemic limitationsContinue reading ““The New Jim Crow” taken to the health sciences sector”