Broken regimens

  One man’s story shows how mental health treatment is an uphill battle in jails and prisons Hayes’ jail medical records, obtained with consent, paint a picture of unmedicated struggles within a jail system that’s overworked. A place that is often viewed as rehabilitative is in fact not. Read more here

City Council Meeting Erupts with Block the Bunker Protests, Altercation with Security Guards

Protesters prepare for a demonstration in Seattle City Hall (Photo by Kelsey Hamlin). Once Seattle City Council’s Monday meeting reached items on the agenda involving a new North precinct (‘the Bunker’), demonstrations were held, tensions rose, and the meeting was adjourned — which wouldn’t be the first time. But before all that, Seattle Council SecurityContinue reading “City Council Meeting Erupts with Block the Bunker Protests, Altercation with Security Guards”

#BlockTheBunker Succeeded, Momentarily

In a turn of events, Mayor Ed Murray officially announced yesterday that the new North Seattle Police Precinct — otherwise known as ‘the Bunker’ — will be put on hold. Initially, the project had a price tag of $160 million, despite many in the community very clearly finding a new precinct unnecessary […] via #BlockTheBunker Succeeded,Continue reading “#BlockTheBunker Succeeded, Momentarily”

Administration refuses to sign statements agreeing with prison divestments

UW president Ana Mari Cauce and Howard Frumkin, dean of the School of Public Health, refused to sign statements brought to them Friday from students seeking prison divestment by the UW. Both the president and the dean were emailed the demands a week in advance. Cauce and Frumkin were informed in the email precisely when students wouldContinue reading “Administration refuses to sign statements agreeing with prison divestments”

“The New Jim Crow” taken to the health sciences sector

The Health Sciences Service Learning and Advocacy group held their fifth annual common book read Tuesday for health science students.  This year’s Health Sciences Common Book (“The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander) centers on the prison industrial complex and what she coins “The New Jim Crow” — the modern political, structural, and systemic limitationsContinue reading ““The New Jim Crow” taken to the health sciences sector”