Freedom, Hate, and a Campus Divided

Mahilet Mesfin stood front-and-center at a barricade, one of many spanning the University of Washington’s Red Square last Saturday. The 18-year-old protester and UW student felt she had to be there. The UW College Republicans (UWCR) had invited Joey Gibson, conservative speaker and leader of Patriot Prayer, to campus for a Freedom Rally to furtherContinue reading “Freedom, Hate, and a Campus Divided”

Japanese artist to talk at UW conference denied U.S. entry

The UW Simpson Center for the Humanities sent out a news release Nov. 11 saying prominent Japanese artist Fram Kitagawa was denied entry to the United States.  He was set to be a keynote speaker at a conference the following day for “Socially Engaged Art in Japan.” The focus was to decipher socially engaged artContinue reading “Japanese artist to talk at UW conference denied U.S. entry”