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  • Navigation Team Sweeps Ravenna Woods Encampment Despite Activist Barrier

    Along a muddy path next to a section of the Burke Gilman trail in Ravenna, 25 activists joined the residents of a homeless encampment Wednesday hoping to halt a sweep. When the Navigation Team’s outreach group arrived, they were surprised to see a band of activists with linked arms acting as a human barrier to vehicles.…

  • Seattle Womxn’s March 2.0 Attracts Thousands

    Written with Sharaya Lane Saturday marked the one- year anniversary of Donald Trump’s presidency and welcomed the anticipated follow up to one of the largest demonstrations in the history of the United States. Joining sister marches spanning cities across the country, Seattle’s Womxn’s March 2.0 served as a reminder that many of the thousands who poured…

  • Seattle’s Net Neutrality Protest Visits Three Internet Conglomerates

    Shivering in the cold as the sun set, breath visible as bright cameras flashed, a crowd of approximately 20 people gained momentum as they grew to about 70 in front of Seattle’s downtown Verizon store Thursday night. via South Seattle Emerald

  • DACA Officially Set for Removal

    After a week of worry by activists and organizations who first caught wind of the nightmare last Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced this morning Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) will be rescinded. The 10 states that would’ve sued against DACA likely had a heavy hand in the final decision as Sessions referenced the legal…

  • After Charlottesville, Right Wing and Counter-Protesters Converge on Westlake

    In the wake of a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia Saturday, protesters gathered at Denny Park and marched to Westlake in Downtown Seattle yesterday to confront a right wing group called Patriot Prayer. On their way, however, protesters encountered human barricades of police, canisters of pepper spray, and flashbangs. Via South Seattle Emerald

  • Photos: Seattle Pride Parade 2017

    Photos: Seattle Pride Parade 2017

    Photos captured through that event (June 25, 2017) can be seen through my Flickr account. Some photos were published with South Seattle Emerald. Click through my photos below of the general portion of the 2017 Seattle Pride: Click through my photos below that capture the portion of the parade pertaining to Charleena Lyles, shot and killed…

  • Photos: Second subcontractor protest yields silence from Amazon

    Photos: Second subcontractor protest yields silence from Amazon

    Scroll through my photos of the event (March 31, 2017). Some photos were published with South Seattle Emerald.

  • Paying Tribute to Charleena Lyles, No Justice No Pride Action Disrupts Pride Parade

    The planning was set over the course of a week, organized by three core members. This year’s Pride Parade would feature a surprise altar for Charleena Lyles, a 30-year-old pregnant mother of four killed by Seattle Police Department officers Steven McNew and Jason Anderson on June 18. Via  South Seattle Emerald

  • Five Months Later, Amazon subcontractor SIS Takes Small Steps to Remedy Worker Mistreatment

    Photo courtesy of Erin Sroka When workers allied with SEIU in February, it came to light that, for the second time, Amazon contractor Security Industry Specialists (SIS) was allegedly discriminating against its own workers. After months of continued action, Muslim employees were finally given a list of accessible prayer rooms, but some still face repercussions…

  • #NoNewYouthJail Movement Says Flawed Appeals Process Aided Juvy’s Construction

    Over the summer, Seattle’s #NoNewYouthJail movement’s future steps seemed unclear. After more than five years of protests, demonstrations, teach-ins and community outreach, it appeared the “youth jail” people had been fighting vehemently against would soon be constructed on 12th and Alder in the Squire Park neighborhood. However, a hearing Tuesday evening showed the fight against King…