Seattle City Light and municipal broadband policy

What I wrote for mayoral candidate Andrew Grant Houston’s municipal broadband policy: …the City of Seattle has an entire webpage dedicated to the effort. Still, the pandemic impacts Seattle residents in ways we could not have predicted, one of them being remote learning for students. According to The Seattle Times, 2,700 preschool-12th grade students lackedContinue reading “Seattle City Light and municipal broadband policy”

Public WiFi policy

Excerpts I wrote for mayoral candidate Andrew Grant Houston’s campaign policy proposal: We’ve reached a point where internet access is a utility: it’s required for job applications, housing applications, school research, and more…we require digital access for nearly everything, including school attendance, without providing that access for those who can’t afford it. If we areContinue reading “Public WiFi policy”

Personal efforts during the 2021 legislative session

I encourage folks to join in supporting and/or sharing and tracking these legislative efforts as well! In my work capacity at Sierra Club, I push for, and align with: a Clean Fuels Standard (HB 1091) Healthy Homes & Clean Buildings (HB 1084 / SB 5093) the Healthy Environment for All, or HEAL, Act (SB 5141)Continue reading “Personal efforts during the 2021 legislative session”