Home ownership program expansion policy

Excerpts I wrote for Andrew Grant Houston’s policy proposal: I am a renter, and I’ve been one my entire life. Though while Seattle is a majority-renter city, I recognize that homeownership is the fastest way to generational wealth. That history is drawn along racial lines. America, since its inception, has entrenched wealth in the abilityContinue reading “Home ownership program expansion policy”

Most things are made, but for whom?

People typically accept things as they are. When we see a road, a home, a park, a restroom, we don’t wonder why they’re there—or think about why they’re not. This is particularly true when we lack the cultural and historical knowledge of oppression embedded in our lives to ask why.  Looking deeper, nearly everything aroundContinue reading “Most things are made, but for whom?”

Local Muslim advocacy organization offers bystander intervention training

Bystander training is a nonviolent mechanism for community members to go out into the real world and prevent confrontations from escalating, prevent harassment or hate crimes, and act as better allies. Approximately 40 people came to learn bystander training from the Washington Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-WA) on Jan. 13. The training event includedContinue reading “Local Muslim advocacy organization offers bystander intervention training”

Wising up about privilege

Hundreds filled Kane Hall on Friday night to hear anti-racist activist, speaker, and writer Tim Wise at an event that was planned by UW Public Lectures months in advance, well before President Donald Trump became a reality. As a result, much of what Wise discussed couldn’t be disentangled from current events, and in fact wasContinue reading “Wising up about privilege”

Journalist Shaun King speaks on the current lack of humanity in the U.S.

The HUB Ballroom was packed last night as the UW community came to listen to journalist and activist Shaun King speak on matters of police brutality, but an hour prior to the event, there weren’t nearly as many faces attending a vigil for a black Muslim-American boy who was found hanged in Lake Stevens thisContinue reading “Journalist Shaun King speaks on the current lack of humanity in the U.S.”

Nazi recruiting posters found around UW since January

Before a performance of the play “As You Like It” began at the Penthouse Theater on Feb. 15, its actors and crew smelled something odd: spray paint, they thought. They went to check outside for the source, where they saw approximately eight Nazi recruitment flyers had been plastered onto the theater’s doors. The flyers wereContinue reading “Nazi recruiting posters found around UW since January”

Social Justice Film Festival highlights inequality

The Social Justice Film Festival [SJFF] is contrived of partnerships across the Pacific Northwest, coming together to host forums and screenings focused around issues of social justice.  SJFF’s mission is to “forge creative alliances with diverse communities, bring inspiring filmmaking to new audiences, and make the art of filmmaking an integral part of social change,”Continue reading “Social Justice Film Festival highlights inequality”

Action around societal and systemic racism

“This is geared toward students who already feel that Black lives matter,” said Steven Sawada, event organizer and graduate student. He’s talking about the UW’s Racial Justice Organizing & Caucus, which will happen on Tuesday, Oct. 11, and Monday, Oct. 17. It’s highly recommended that attendees go to both events as they will be sequential.Continue reading “Action around societal and systemic racism”

Diagnosing Racism: Students for an Anti-Racist UW School of Medicine Forms, Holds Call to Action

by Kelsey Hamlin “It started with medical student activism,” said University of Washington Assistant Professor Frederica Overstreet. Over the course of one academic year, UW medical students formed Students for an Anti-Racist UW (SARU), School of Medicine. via South Seattle Emerald