Rent control policy

[Featured Photo ID] On red background, white font read “The rent* is too damn high. *commercial and residential” with a black house key image and the candidate’s logo. The following are excerpts I wrote for the campaign policy proposal: …It’s time for rent control. Rent stabilization, if you want to be specific. While Seattle mayContinue reading “Rent control policy”

Updating the MHA policy

Excerpts of what I helped write for mayoral candidate Andrew Grant Houston: [Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA): also known as the “Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) Grand Bargain.”] …the battle for affordable housing to be nearly as ugly as it was. With a disagreement around setting 6% of the city’s land for inclusionary zoning (on-siteContinue reading “Updating the MHA policy”

Mercy Housing’s New Transit-Oriented Complex Already At Capacity

Near the Link light rail’s Othello Station, a passerby can easily spot a new red and grey apartment building called Othello Plaza, seemingly compatible with the other developments directly surrounding it. However, Othello Plaza is considered affordable, received over 2,000 applications and only accepted approximately 100. Othello Plaza is now full, containing 53 two-bedrooms andContinue reading “Mercy Housing’s New Transit-Oriented Complex Already At Capacity”