Rent control policy

[Featured Photo ID] On red background, white font read “The rent* is too damn high. *commercial and residential” with a black house key image and the candidate’s logo. The following are excerpts I wrote for the campaign policy proposal: …It’s time for rent control. Rent stabilization, if you want to be specific. While Seattle mayContinue reading “Rent control policy”

Stay Housed, Stay Healthy campaign efforts

[Shout out to Matthew Lang for being such an awesome organizer! And Katie Wilson at TRU!] “With Mayor Durkan, King County Executive Constantine, and Governor Inslee’s Eviction Moratorium set to end 3/31, we must come together to ensure we do not lose home.” Join us Tuesday, May 11 at 6PM for a virtual rally inContinue reading “Stay Housed, Stay Healthy campaign efforts”