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  • Seattle Is Not for Sale event graphics

    Seattle Is Not for Sale event graphics

    After being asked by some allies to produce some social media graphics for an upcoming joint event, I came up with the following:

  • Hacks & Wonks Podcast: Week in Review (Aug.26)

    Hacks & Wonks Podcast: Week in Review (Aug.26)

    On the show, Crystal Fincher is joined by political consultants Dujie Tahat and Kelsey Hamlin, from DTC and The Poet Salon Podcast! They start off the show discussing the King County Prosecutor race, looking at the candidates’ views on the Youth Diversion Program, and breaking down the candidates’ views and approaches to public safety. They…

  • PAC Postcards I designed

    PAC Postcards I designed

    With the edits and feedback of our fellow elected 43rd District Executive Board, I designed and finalized the postcards of our endorsed candidates that we printed and will send to 43rd District voters. Together, we made sure the format was correct to local filing, finance, and postage laws, while I helped direct our Elections Committee…

  • Endorsements Press Release

    Endorsements Press Release

    We’re Proud to Endorse Seattle’s Bold Progressives: Nikkita Oliver, Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, & Lorena González SEATTLE — The 43rd District Democrats are excited to announce that we’ve elected to endorse our most progressive slate of candidates yet. And, this year, it hits a little different: These candidates will have the backing of our snowballing PAC. Thanks…

  • Final 2021 Endorsements Meeting

    Final 2021 Endorsements Meeting

    Our September endorsements meeting will be held virtually at 7PM Tuesday, September 21st. Please register to receive the link for the meeting. [Feel free to check out our 2021 endorsement rules.] The last date to become an eligible voting member in time for this meeting is September 11th.

  • 43rd No-Meeting email

    43rd No-Meeting email

    Email Preview: But there’s always more you can do! Against CA 29 We passed a resolution against Charter Amendment 29 in agreement with House Our Neighbors, but they need your help spreading the word! Volunteer ASAP: HouseOurNeighbors.NationBuilder.com

  • Public restrooms policy

    Public restrooms policy

    Excerpts I wrote for mayoral candidate Andrew Grant Houston’s campaign policy proposal: …our unhoused neighbors don’t have that [“hopefully-I-make-it-home-before-I-have-to-go“] luxury, and because we don’t have publicly accessible bathrooms, we nearly incentivize further criminalizing homelessness because the City made it so people have nowhere to go. Across our whole city, we have six (6) public bathrooms…

  • Retake the right-of-way policy

    Retake the right-of-way policy

    Excerpts I wrote for mayoral candidate Andrew Grant Houston: …Right-of-ways—usually that random grassy space typically between a sidewalk edge and the curb all the way to the same thing on the other side of the street—take up 26% of Seattle’s land. A quarter! Most of it isn’t space taken up for people, it’s space we…

  • Town Hall graphic and event pages

    Town Hall graphic and event pages

    Join the 43rd District Democrats for a discussion with Compassion Seattle and House our Neighbors about homelessness and the proposed Seattle charter amendment (Measure 29). All Seattle residents are invited to attend. The 43rd District Democrats’ Policy Committee will host this discussion.

  • Recap: Seattle’s recent moves on building electrification in a Green New Deal

    Recap: Seattle’s recent moves on building electrification in a Green New Deal

    By Kelsey Hamlin, Volunteer Outreach & Development Coordinator Two weeks ago, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan released an Executive Order (EO) outlining the city’s next steps in implementing a Seattle Green New Deal (SGND). You can find our response to the news in our Jan. 8 press release. Of particular interest: Mayor Durkan committed all new city…