In Seattle, domestic workers don’t have the same protections as others—but that could change

Domestic workers, some members of Working Washington, SEIU 775, or Casa Latina, set up tiny house displays outside City Hall made from gloves and diapers. Photo by Kelsey Hamlin In a study of 174 Seattle-area caretakers, house cleaners, and gardeners, local labor rights organization Working Washington found that local domestic workers are presented with similar struggles toContinue reading “In Seattle, domestic workers don’t have the same protections as others—but that could change”

Seattle Tech Leaders Panel Confronts Tough Changes Required by #MeToo Movement

As Erik Molano scrolled through his Facebook feed with endless streams of #MeToo posts inundating his eyes, he felt anger but also felt removed. He wasn’t a perpetrator of these harmful and degrading situations. Then he saw it. A woman who, on his Facebook feed, made a #MeToo post explicitly naming him and something he did.Continue reading “Seattle Tech Leaders Panel Confronts Tough Changes Required by #MeToo Movement”

UW tenured professor fired

Trigger warning: sexual harassment and vulgar/racist language included. In an unprecedented turn of events, the UW fired microbiology professor Michael Katze after two investigations into his misuse of university funds and sexual harassment. He gained tenure at the UW in 2009, a time at which Katze already had numerous complaints against him on record. ViaContinue reading “UW tenured professor fired”

Mayor’s Attorney Says Medical Report Disproves Allegations

After The Seattle Times broke last week that Mayor Ed Murray was facing legal allegations that he procured sex from a then-15-year-old in the ‘80s, the mayor himself took a trip to his doctor to disprove the claims. Via South Seattle Emerald

Trans Day of Remembrance

The air became heavy, eyes began to water, and throats burned while promises of “we will remember” filled City Hall on Sunday night for every transgender person who died at the hands of hate. “So often in death, we remember the trans people that died, but not what sustained them,” said UW student Yani RobinsonContinue reading “Trans Day of Remembrance”

Office for Civil Rights investigates UW for handling of sexual assault cases

The UW is one of over 100 colleges currently under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) for the handling of sexual assault cases. A press release distributed by the UW on June 15 said the university “fail[ed] to provide the student with a prompt and equitable grievance process afterContinue reading “Office for Civil Rights investigates UW for handling of sexual assault cases”

Sexual harassment happens everywhere, even at work

Every summer I go back home and work as a waitress at a restaurant. At the restaurant I started working for last summer, we’d get a good handful of regulars. Among them were two older, rich men, who I presume were in their late 60s to early 70s. They were friends, always dining together atContinue reading “Sexual harassment happens everywhere, even at work”

Sexual harassment awareness on the rise at UW

A little more than a month ago, the UW was dealing with the ramifications of a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity party where several women said they had been drugged, and an attempted rape occurred. Since that incident, programs in the Greek System and at the UW are taking action to raise awareness of sexual harassment.Continue reading “Sexual harassment awareness on the rise at UW”