TA cuts could leave students jobless and degrees unfinished

Stakes are high as the UW tries to address budget shortcomings by cutting graduate jobs in the College of Arts and Sciences. While losing a job may seem like a rather common issue in adulthood, it actually has very specific and extremely detrimental effects for graduates. There are direct consequences to not having a jobContinue reading “TA cuts could leave students jobless and degrees unfinished”

Application open for most powerful student position, free tuition

The UW is predominantly run by 10 people on the board of regents, and one of those positions is up for application: student regent, which comes with full tuition payment. The board has a number of roles, including overseeing the university’s budget, establishing entrance requirements, and creating new departments.  Matters relating to the hiring, discipline,Continue reading “Application open for most powerful student position, free tuition”

Legislators push for free tuition at community, technical colleges

Democratic lawmakers are proposing free community-college tuition for two years, following models like Oregon’s. No word on where the money will come from, however. Read more here  OLYMPIA —Tuition at the state’s community and technical colleges would be free for many state residents under an ambitious proposal that takes up President Obama’s call to expandContinue reading “Legislators push for free tuition at community, technical colleges”

Tuition increases for graduate, international, and out-of-state students

While Washington state legislators recently decreased resident undergraduate tuition for the next two years, the UW Board of Regents determined June 9 that graduate, out-of-state, and international student tuition would increase. Only tier III graduate students, or students seeking master’s and doctorate degrees in the College of Engineering, or master’s and doctoral candidates in theContinue reading “Tuition increases for graduate, international, and out-of-state students”

Tuition reduced for next two years

The Washington state Legislature passed its 2015-17 operating budget Monday, lowering tuition statewide by 5% for the 2015-16 academic year. The budget passed just 24 hours before a scheduled partial government shutdown. Of the many budget points the House Democrats and Senate Republicans disagreed on, tuition was a big one: The Senate wanted a 25%Continue reading “Tuition reduced for next two years”

Academic workers speak out on campus budget and tuition issues

In the process of addressing tuition and workers’ pay at the UW on Thursday night, the Academic Workers for a Democratic University (AWDU) brought up new and surprising statistics. “In order to do social change in a university like the UW, we have to understand how it works, and a part of that is learningContinue reading “Academic workers speak out on campus budget and tuition issues”

Washington Senate proposes tuition cuts

After a year of paying the highest tuition in the UW’s history, students may finally see some financial relief. In late March, both the Washington House Democrats and the Senate Republicans released their draft budgets for the next two years; neither suggested a tuition increase. “All the signals are at least on the right sideContinue reading “Washington Senate proposes tuition cuts”