Cauce addresses student senate in wake of Red Square shooting

The ASUW Student Senate convened for a meeting last night, asking for UW President Ana Mari Cauce to answer some questions regarding the Jan. 20 Red Square shooting. Most of the questions posed over the evening revolved around UW resources, asking the administration to be more proactive than reactive. Many expressed concern for safety and frustrationContinue reading “Cauce addresses student senate in wake of Red Square shooting”

Suspected Red Square shooter is a UW student

Editorial note: due to concerns from UWPD, portions of this article originally posted on 2/1/17 have been updated.  After briefly removing the article to ensure accuracy, minor corrections were made pertaining to how the RCW and WAC work in this case. In addition, the original posting quoted UWPD as saying “the Student Conduct Code officeContinue reading “Suspected Red Square shooter is a UW student”

Aftermath of the UW shooting and update on police investigations

Trump supporters contended Milo Yiannopoulos, the UW College Republicans’ guest speaker, shouldn’t be protested because he has the right to free speech; protesters argued that hate speech, as Yiannopoulos is so often accused of employing, is not free speech. via Aftermath of the UW shooting and an update on police investigations — South Seattle Emerald

Man shot during anti-Trump/Milo Yiannopoulos protests

by Kelsey Hamlin The first thing I saw was a crowd of people immediately in front of me suddenly turning around and running in fear. My immediate concern was to not be trampled. Somewhere in that chaotic background, I heard, “Grab a medic!” Everything happened so fast. via Man Shot During Anti-Trump /Milo Yiannopoulos Protests —Continue reading “Man shot during anti-Trump/Milo Yiannopoulos protests”

UW student targeted in flyer

Jessie Gamble, a UW student coordinating the Milo Yiannopoulos event and president of the College Republicans of the UW, was recently the subject of a flyer anonymously published online calling her a white supremacist and racist while disseminating her contact information, social media, and her father’s phone number. Via The Daily

Office of Government Relations tackles topics that matter to students

by Kelsey Hamlin Many students know about the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW), but behind the scenes of the student government are many different working parts. One of them is the Office of Government Relations (OGR). “I think it’s a fantastic place and a fantastic way to get involved,” OGR director AlexContinue reading “Office of Government Relations tackles topics that matter to students”

Action around societal and systemic racism

“This is geared toward students who already feel that Black lives matter,” said Steven Sawada, event organizer and graduate student. He’s talking about the UW’s Racial Justice Organizing & Caucus, which will happen on Tuesday, Oct. 11, and Monday, Oct. 17. It’s highly recommended that attendees go to both events as they will be sequential.Continue reading “Action around societal and systemic racism”

The 2016-2017 Board

Originally posted on Society of Professional Journalists, UW Chapter:
President Kelsey Hamlin Kelsey Hamlin is a journalism major looking to double-major with Law, Societies & Justice — currently her minor. Hamlin freelances around various Seattle publications and writes for the University newspaper, The Daily; she has been doing both for approximately two years. Occasionally, she also records her…

Three American Ethnic Studies professors retire from UW—A hole left in Asian American Studies

Amidst an already limited number of faculty to teach Asian American Studies at the University of Washington, three professors are retiring from the American Ethnic Studies department: Steve Sumida, Gail Nomura, and Tetsuden Kashima. “All American literature has an ethnic angle or another,” Sumida said. Walking into Sumida’s office is like walking into a vatContinue reading “Three American Ethnic Studies professors retire from UW—A hole left in Asian American Studies”