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  • Webpage graphics

    Webpage graphics

    I made 4 more graphics for Washington Community Alliance’s 2023 bill priorities on their Community Whip Count website that I manage! This adds on to the 2022 graphics I made for the prior legislative session, of which some have carried over into this session.

  • The Community Whip Count

    The Community Whip Count

    Really really proud to have helped create and continue working on this amazing tool with David Coven! If you know me, you know how much I care about making things more simple for people to engage, and about naming names when it comes to the decisions of those in power. This Community Whip Count does […]

  • Sierra Club’s Legislative Recap, Climate Edition

    Sierra Club’s Legislative Recap, Climate Edition

    By Jesse Piedfort, Chapter Director of the Washington State Chapter and Kelsey Hamlin, Volunteer Outreach and Development Coordinator The 2020 legislative session saw important climate advocacy for Washington State. The brief 60-day session resulted in the passage of some important bills, but also some significant disappointments.  We pushed for bills in Olympia that would help reduce […]

  • Testimony for HB 1110, Clean Fuels Standard

    Testimony for HB 1110, Clean Fuels Standard

    There was large turnout early March and hundreds testifying–most of which sparked by the conservative group Timber Unity and, some speculate, astroturfing. They filled the capitol and overflow parking with many semi trucks. My spoken testimony for the Sierra Club Washington State Chapter, signing in pro for HB 1110 in the Senate Transportation Committee: In […]

  • 2020 Legislature: A Critical Year for Housing and Transportation

    2020 Legislature: A Critical Year for Housing and Transportation

    Every day we wait for holistic climate action across all fronts is a sacrifice we tack on to our health, our loved ones, and our planet. That’s why we want to let you in on our climate-driven housing and transportation priorities at the legislature. Together, we’ll tackle three priorities this session: A Clean Fuel Standard, the […]

  • State Senate Candidate Would Be First Person of Color Representing 34th District

    Some know Joe Nguyen as a familiar face because he’s operated in the background of Seattle’s community and politics for so long. Now, he’s deciding to emerge out front, running for a seat in the state Senate representing Washington’s 34th District. “It’s never really been about me,” Nguyen said of his decision to run. “There’s […]

  • UW researcher backs proposition to ban assault rifles

    This upcoming legislative session, State Attorney General Bob Ferguson will propose legislation to ban assault rifles and limit magazine capacities, and a UW professor’s research backs the reasoning. “The motivation is pretty straightforward,” Ferguson said. “I think it’s hard to see what’s been happening around our country with mass shootings and not feel a desire […]

  • Washington Senate proposes tuition cuts

    After a year of paying the highest tuition in the UW’s history, students may finally see some financial relief. In late March, both the Washington House Democrats and the Senate Republicans released their draft budgets for the next two years; neither suggested a tuition increase. “All the signals are at least on the right side […]