Seattle Womxn’s March 2.0 Attracts Thousands

Written with Sharaya Lane Saturday marked the one- year anniversary of Donald Trump’s presidency and welcomed the anticipated follow up to one of the largest demonstrations in the history of the United States. Joining sister marches spanning cities across the country, Seattle’s Womxn’s March 2.0 served as a reminder that many of the thousands who pouredContinue reading “Seattle Womxn’s March 2.0 Attracts Thousands”

Law student studies gender inequity in his research

  UW Law student Harlan Mechling couldn’t go to his little sister’s graduation from Willamette University, but his father did call to tell him she was graduating as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, a nation-wide honor society, with 42 other women and 16 men. Those numbers stood out to Mechling, instigating his research on genderContinue reading “Law student studies gender inequity in his research”

President Ana Mari Cauce: More than just ‘the firsts’

The UW’s new president, Ana Mari Cauce, is deliberate when she chooses her words. She puts a lot of thought into the things she says, frequently pausing mid-sentence. Her smile displays a clear passion for her job, coworkers, and the students. Of all the UW’s presidents, she is the first woman, the first Latina, and theContinue reading “President Ana Mari Cauce: More than just ‘the firsts’”

Close-up: Real issues to be recognized in the music industry

After a week full of media screen-shotting tweets between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, there’s more to take away than a sensationalized “war” between the two. Minaj has had a reputation for addressing societal issues, especially ones that directly affect her person, her identity, and her culture. Aside from media and social networks, these typesContinue reading “Close-up: Real issues to be recognized in the music industry”

UW CSE program pioneers the way for more women in computing

Due to its efforts to confront gender dichotomies in computing, the UW’s Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) program received an Excellence in Promoting Women in Undergraduate Computing Award from the National Center for Women & Information Technology last week. “There’s a set of stereotypes that make the field unattractive,” said Ed Lazowska, the Bill &Continue reading “UW CSE program pioneers the way for more women in computing”